Also called pre-purchase inspection, this professional home inspection is a great way to build confidence that you are choosing the right home and also give you some bargaining power to negotiate for some repairs that may be needed. All of the home inspections we provide come with a detailed and easy to read report that includes pictures, defects found, maintenance items, general info about the house including shut off locations of the water, gas and electric. All of our home inspections adhere to the strict standards of practice written by the State of Arizona and Internachi


A pre listing inspection helps you pinpoint major issues, repairs or maintenance needed prior to listing your home so you can address the repairs for a successful, higher value sale. A pre listing inspection from On Point Home Inspections also:

  • Eliminates any surprises the buyer may find. Fixing any issues prior to listing could cut out negotiations of repairs
  • Having an inspection and fixing issues prior to listing gives the buyer more interest in your house which usually turns into a higher offer.
  • This gives the buyer a sense of transparency from you (the seller) which establishes trust and helps in the smooth sale of your house.
  • Allows you to have more time to make any repairs needed instead of being rushed to get them done before closing while the buyer is waiting.


Before you know it almost a year has gone by since you purchased your NEW home. This usually means the warranty is about to expire. This is a perfect opportunity to get your big investment inspected for any defects prior to your manufacturer warranty expiration.


When the weather heats up, there’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the pool. To ensure that your pool or spa is safe and performing as it was meant to, a Pool and Spa Inspection should be scheduled on a routine basis. We will take a careful look at your property’s pool or spa to assess the overall condition and to check that all components are functioning safely and effectively so that you can continue to enjoy your investment for years to come.


Are sinks and tubs emptying too slowly? We use a special camera to scope the sewer line to visualize any blockages that are interfering with the plumbing system’s proper drainage. Finding and addressing such problems now can head off catastrophic and expensive repairs later.